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   Alexandre Théodore Victor, count of Lameth (1756-1854) was born in Paris and fought in the American War of Independence. A deputy for the Jura to the Legislative Assembly during the revolution of 1789, he took his place with the constitutional monarchists (feuillants) and, with his brothers, spoke against the coalition (1792). A brigadier general, he was dismissed in 1793 for having tried to save the king and remained in exile until the coup d'état of Napoléon Bonaparte (see napoléon i) on 18 Brumaire (November 9, 1799). Charles, count of Lameth (1757-1832), the brother of Alexandre Victor, was born in Paris, fought in the American War of Independence under General jean-baptiste rocheambeau, and, in 1789, was elected a deputy for the nobility to the estates general. Elected during the Revolution to the National Constituent Assembly, he took a position in favor of reform. After the flight of King louis XVI to Varennes, he rejoined the camp of the constitutional monarchists. A brigadier general, he emigrated after August 10, 1792. Returning to France (18 Brumaire), he served in the republican armies in Spain. In 1829, he became deputy for Seine-et-Oise. Alexandre, count of Lameth (1760-1829), the brother of Alexandre Théodore and Charles, was born in Paris and fought in the American War of Independence. Elected deputy for the nobility of Péronne to the Estates General (1789), he formed with antoine barnave and adrien duport the triumvirate that, within the National Constituent Assembly, took a position in favor of reform and was opposed to strong royal power (in particular to honoré mirabeau). Joining the Feuillants after the flight of the king, and named brigadier general, he went over to the enemy with General la fayette (August 19, 1792) and was imprisoned by the Aus-trians until 1797. Returning to France after the coup d'état of 18 Brumaire, he served as a prefect and became a baron of the empire (1810), then a peer during the Hundred Days. A liberal deputy during the Restoration, he left a Histoire de l'Assemblée constituante (1829).

France. A reference guide from Renaissance to the Present . 1884.

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